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Monday, October 29, 2012

A glimpse into our weekend.

1. Hurricane Sandy is suppose coming for us. I'm just hoping we don't lose power. We always lose power. So since it will more than likely be raining on Wednesday we took the girls trick-or-treating Saturday.

2. They had pony rides which was a pleasant surprise. I think I was more excited than the girls.

I love this picture of Kyleigh so much. So much that I took the extra time to photoshop the two people out and all the ropes. I have too much time on my hands Saturday nights. (My husband works a part-time job and is gone Friday and Saturday nights...until like 1 am. So if you're facebook friends with me you get tons of photos from me those nights.)

3. Kinsley hated her costume. It had a hat. And she hates anything on her head. Even headbands. Sometimes I try to distract her or try to fight it but she just screams until it's off. I don't know what we'll do when it get colder. But atleast she let me get these super cute photos of her.

4. This is why random people ask to take my baby's picture. (Yes, that has really happened, more than once!) She is just too freakin' cute!

5. Kinsley and I met up with my friend and her youngest son to meet her 2 day old nephew and I took these photos of them really quick.

6. Sunday we went up to Washington, DC and met Sean. You can read all about that here.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and if hurricane Sandy is coming for you...I hope you don't lose power and stay safe!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The big day.

Before you read this post I must warn you. I can't believe I'm posting these pictures on the internet. But let's just say museum lighting, sometimes forgetting to use your flash, trying to hold an 11 month old or sometimes a 2 1/2 year old, keeping an eye on all three of your kids and trying to have a conversation is not easy. Sometimes it's just best to put away the camera and enjoy. So after a few shots that's what I did. And even though these pictures aren't technically good they are still memories. And documenting those is all that matters, right?? ....please say yes and be kind to my photos. ;)

Moving on.

So today was the big day. The day I met Sean. I was worried things would be awkward. I was worried I would be nervous. But there wasn't a single bit of nervousness in me and not an awkward moment. Sean is just as beautiful and sweet as she seems. And Natalie? Oh my gosh...what a cutie!

We went to the National Museum of History in Washington, DC. (It's free to get in. If you're ever in the area I definitely recommend it.) We enjoyed looking at the animals and going to the bathroom three different times. (Kayla had to go...a lot!) The girls got along and Kayla loves Sean. She got a hug from Kayla and even Kyleigh at the end. It was like we've all known each other for quite some time. But enough of the talking and on to the good stuff: pictures.

I really enjoyed meeting Sean and Natalie and we all had a lot of fun. And I'm happy to report that my girls didn't scare Sean off and were really well behaved (minus Kyleigh at the end who was super tired and crashed the minute I buckled her up.) I hope we get together again really soon.

And one last shot of us all. :)


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