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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Forgotten Christmas Blog.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs and she posted a link to her friends blog. I clicked on it, and read a few posts only to stumble upon a christmas decortations blog. She ordered vintage Christmas ornaments from ebay..the same type that I already had from my Grandma.This made me wonder, did I ever post that decoration blog I wanted to post?? Sure enough, after going through my oh so many blog entries I realized I hadn't. Opps! I really meant to post one! So, here it is. WAY over due! :)

And there are some of my vintage ornaments (minus the disney princess one); ones that are STILL in the box that they came in. My grandparents saved every box that everything came in.

Kyleigh is holding onto my favorite ones that I found; the golden jingle bells.

Mimi (my mom) bought this one for Kyleigh's first Christmas, from the famous Christmas Mouse Store.

And she also bought these two for my two gorgeous girls!

Orginally, I had dreamed have having all new decorations. Making my own theme every year. But after decorating my tree with all of my Grandma's decorations (plus a few new ones) I knew then that I had to keep those decorations forever. And buying new ones was not an option.


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