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Monday, September 2, 2013

a happy place

It's the last day of summer vacation and I made it. There were days that I didn't think I would but I did. Having a child with adhd is hard at times. I'm not an expert at all as I am only two years in. But I have learned a lot, especially this summer.

When I started this journey two years ago I felt we would never be where we are now. A few wrong medicines here. A few doctors who just didn't care or had too many patients on their hands. A year of us "dealing" with it on our own. A year of yelling and fighting and pulling my hair out wondering what I was doing wrong. Wondering why she just didn't get it. But that's the crazy thing...she just couldn't get it because in her words her brain wouldn't let her. And after we had a heart to heart talk about her behavior she said these words to me, "Mommy. I just want my good brain back." That was the moment I knew we couldn't do this alone anymore. I had to face the facts. We needed help and that didn't make me a failure as a mother.

So fast forward a few months of behavioral therapy with the right therapist and a few doctor appointments later we are here. In a happy place. She can think clearly. She can listen fully to what is said to her. She can think about consequences. She isn't impulsive anymore. But yet she is still her. She is still the sweet, happy girl I know. The one who loves her sisters and doesn't want to fight with them. The one who loves art and playing outside. The girl who loves dressing up and wearing accessories. We aren't spending our days arguing, yelling or sending her to her room a million times anymore. We have become close again. 

There have been plenty of bumps along the way and we still have plenty of bumps and curves and possibly even a few u-turns down our road I'm sure. But for now I am happy. My girl is happy. And that's all I could ever really ask for.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Our trip to Florida in way too many photos, there such a thing??

On Saturday we got home from our two week vacation to Florida. Just the girls and I went. Anthony stayed home.

We went to Lido beach for 2 nights. The Florida Aquarium. Homosassa Springs Wildlife park. Weeki Wachee. To a little beach called Pine Island. And since my mom lives there some days were spent hanging out at her house, going to the pool. And we went school shopping for Kayla and Kyleigh. Yes, that's right. Kyleigh is going to preschool in a few short weeks. But I'll save all of that for another post.

Two weeks is a long time for a vacation, or so people tell me. The first week went by fast. Kinsley didn't even warm up to my mom until the middle of the second week. One week wouldn't have been long enough. Two weeks was perfect. Although it is long enough to start imagining yourself living there, which I do want to live in Florida. Anthony? Not so much. My mom had to work 3 days while we were there so the girls and I drove around, went to stores, went to the pool on our own. And I could see myself living there.

The sky seems more blue there. The clouds more fluffy. The sunsets are gorgeous. And the palm trees. Oh, how I love the palm trees. But even though I love it there it is nice to be home. Back to playing in the backyard. Back to having all of our stuff. Back to my husband. We all missed him.

And because I can't think of any kind of transition....onto an overload of photos.

Kinsley was amazing on the flight there and on the way back. She fell asleep right when we took off and woke up right before landing.

Pine Island.

Lido Beach. The girls had a great time. Kayla learned how to swim and go underwater. Now she's like a fish in water. Kyleigh was our sand girl. And Kinsley would run right into the water if you let her.

My favorite statue.

The Florida Aquarium.

Homosassa Springs Wildlife park.

Kyleigh's favorite part? The alligators.

Cracker barrel. We always go out for breakfast at one when we get together.

Weeki Wachee. I love this place. It's kinda magical with the mermaids. No matter how many times we go to Florida I have to go on every trip.

And if you made it to the end I applaud you! :) Until next time Florida....


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