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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a new life.

Welcome to the world little Noah Mason.

When I found out my best friend was expecting for the third time I was happy for her. We had just reconnected after 2 years of not speaking and we began just were we had left off. We both just had babies and we spent the next 9 months getting together, talking on the phone for hours and laughing. And when she texted me saying little Noah was on his way yesterday I was excited. I waited all day. Checking in on her. Seeing how things were going. But nothing was going to prepare me for that first picture she sent me.

I cried. And I cried all the way to the hospital to see her. And when I got there I pulled myself together long enough to get from the car to her room only to start crying again when I saw her. One reason I cried? I was going to the hospital where I had Kinsley (and Kyleigh and Kayla.) This year has gone by fast. And showing up there just a little over a year after she was born was hard on this mama's heart. I love everything newborn. From the doctor's appointments to the washing and folding of tiny clothes. Decorating a nursery and perfecting your home for their arrival. The excitement of "the baby's coming now" to the newborn scent. I am 100% inlove with it all. But the other reason? The main reason? I realized how much I consider her a sister. And her having a baby was the second best thing to me having one.

Noah, I can't wait to spoil you. And cuddle you some more. You are not even 24 hours old and are already loved so so much. 


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