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Friday, January 25, 2013

i love you without the words

because with the third one i'm terrible at writing stuff down so from now on it'll just get a quick little blog post so i can remember it.

one. kinsley is getting 4 new teeth, well at least that i can see. she is getting 2 back teeth on the bottom and her 2 teeth next to her 4 top teeth.

and two. she is finally giving kisses! i've never tried to teach my girls to give me a kiss. i figured one day they would just learn on their own after seeing me do it to them. and because of that...when they finally do give me a kiss it means so much more. i know it wasn't taught to them. they decided to do it own their own. and it melts my mama's heart big time. it's like an "i love you" without the words.

happy friday!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

these shoes were made for chubby feet

Now this post will be boring to some most but since this is suppose to be documenting our lives so I just had to write it. One day I'll have it to show Kinsley and her future

We always knew she had chubby feet. They are puffy and I could never get her feet in shoes. Even wide ones.

Example A.

Example B.

But we had no idea just how wide and chubby her cute feet were.

Example C.

That is until we went to go buy her first pair of shoes yesterday. For a month or so every store I went to that had shoes for her I tried to find ones that fit. But her foot was just too wide even for wide shoes. So we went to stride rite. My last hope. They measured her foot and we were told she was a size 5....extra wide. Yes. Extra. Wide! All we could do was laugh. Her feet match her thighs and I love 'em.

We only had 2 shoes to choose from in the store. She didn't like wearing them at first and refused to walk while wearing them. But she finally got use to them.

And now she finally has shoes! After almost a month of walking.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Look Ma'.

I'm so so so proud of this little girl. I just had to share this photo. She's been doing this for a little while now but I finally had my camera close enough to me to get a picture.

Look Ma', No hands.

Ok, and one more photo.

Happy Thursday my beautiful friends!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Snapshots.

Someone is getting brave. Pulling up. Standing up. And even trying to stand in the bath tub! That someone is named Kinsley.

Terrible pictures. Messy house. But she pulled herself completely up for the first time. And look at Kayla's face! Swoon.

 The only time you'll see her hair down: in the bath tub. It'll be a sad day for this mama when it stops sticking up.

3 weeks until her first birthday and I hope they crawl by.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kinsley has big news!

Incase you all didn't notice Kinsley is always sitting up in her pictures.

And that's because she doesn't crawl. She doesn't even roll over. She rolled twice just to show me she can do it and that was it. And I guess maybe because she's my third I was never worried. I knew she would do it when she was ready. But sister knew she kinda had a deadline. Kyleigh crawled at 10 months and since her 10 month birthday is tomorrow sister decided to of yesterday!

Now she's only going backwards but I can tell it won't take her long to learn how to go forward. She's already trying so hard. And I can't tell you how proud I am of her. And happy. Now tomorrow while Kayla is at school I'll be putting all the small toys away. Because she definitely puts everything in her mouth. (Kyleigh never ever put anything in her mouth. It's so funny how different all three are.)

I'll be back later this week for her 10 month post and some photos of her crawling. Until then...Kinsley says enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)


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