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Monday, February 4, 2013

in it for the long haul

i don't know what's going on with me writing all these posts lately. but i'm just going with it. haha.

me: have you seen what divorce does to people?
hubby: yeah, it ain't pretty.
me: no it's not. people arguing. fighting over kids. who gets what holiday. i don't ever want to deal with that shit. let's just stick together forever ok?
hubby: you don't have to worry about that babe. i'm in it for the long haul. we're never getting divorced.

and just like that we renewed our vows to each other. (kinda. we were just sitting on the couch watching tv like any other night.)  they are much different than the ones on our wedding day. that day they were filled with "i love you's" and "our names our written in the stars." ok, maybe the last one wasn't said but you get the point. 

today it seems like divorce is the norm. meet someone. get married. have a couple of kids. then get a divorce and do it all over again with someone new. i don't know if that conversation we had is normal or healthy. but we've had it plenty of times. saying whatever comes we'll work it out. divorce isn't an option for us. 

our marriage isn't perfect though. i've threatened to leave. but i've stopped doing that, because i know i'm not going anywhere. all those times i've threatened it i've always said in my head, "you know you're not going anywhere so just suck up your pride megan and apologize." and you may think i'm naive to think we'll be together forever. that i sound like a teenager in love. but you see...i know what it's like to live without him. we went our separate ways before. waaaaay before our having kids days. my life wasn't too miserable without him but it wasn't better either. i thought about him. he periodically checked in with me, seeing how i was. and my new boyfriends all knew about him. he actually told the guy i dated after him that i would always be his girl. and i guess he was right. because here we are...3 kids and 9 years later.

here's an oldie. circa 2004 ladies (and gentlemen...? do any gentlemen read my blog? probably not. so scratch that last statement. haha.)

gosh, i love that man and all he does for us. i'm so lucky to call him my husband and best friend.


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