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Saturday, November 10, 2012

3:10 pm.

One year ago at 3:10 pm little Miss Kinsley enter our life. She was beautiful. 6 pounds 12 ounces and 20 inches of perfection. She had the most perfect lips, the bluest eyes and the lightest blonde hair I had ever seen on a baby. She was gorgeous. And she was mine. 

I've cried a lot of tears. My baby, my last baby, is a year old. A year. One. 365 days. No more baby scent. No more baby things. No more tiny clothes.

The only things baby related left are bottles and the smell of dreft, which I refuse to stop using. Oh why does a year have to go by so fast?

My Dearest Kinsley,

The past year with you has flown by all too quickly. And it has been nothing short of heaven. I closed my eyes many times while holding you, trying to sketch whatever memory we were having in my head. I wanted to remember the weight of your tiny body on my chest. The way you breathed while you slept. The tight grasped of your tiny fingers onto mine while you ate. And I do. They are kept in a tiny box in my memory, there to keep forever. I only wish you could stay little a little bit longer so I could have more of those memories...

But now I am making different memories of you. New ones. Ones that I think are better than the other ones. The way you crawl to me when you see me. The way you stop crying the second when only I pick you up letting me know that I am still your favorite person. The sound of your laugh. The little dimple you get when you smile. The way your eyes light up when they meet mine. The moments you lay your head on my chest. I live for it all. You and your sisters are my whole world. And I love waking up to your smiling face every morning.

Happy first birthday my sweet Kinsley. I love you more than you know.

As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My dearest Kinsley,

I've been dreading this day. You are now 11 months old, which means that the next letter I write to you will be for your first birthday. They say once you have children time flies by and it does. I know this because both of your sisters have grown up way too fast. And you? Well, this year (11 months) has gone by faster than ever.

This month you have grown so much. You started it not knowing how to crawl to crawling backwards to now fully crawling. You made your way out of the living room for the first time last night. And now that you figured out you can explore the rest of the house...well, you're all over the place. You also started pulling up right after you learned how to crawl.

I can tell already that you and Kyleigh are going to get into a lot of trouble together. It's already starting. The two of you get into stuff, look at each other and then smile and laugh. I think it's cute...for now. ;) You put everything in your mouth and I literally mean everything. You find stuff I can barely even see. I'm still your favorite person, although you are getting better about Daddy holding you. You are finally sleeping in your crib, although since you've been in there you haven't slept through the night. But you are getting better each night. Your hair is still crazy and I love it. I thought the other day is was starting to lay down but I was wrong. It'll be a sad day for this mama when your hair no longer sticks up. You hate headbands and hats. You have eight teeth. And you are completely on table food and take a few bottles through out the day. You don't like apple juice but we found out you do love mango juice.

You have yet to go a full month without going to the doctor. This month you've had bronchitis and another ear infection. But even with all of that you still remain a happy baby.

You love your sisters and they love you just as much. You have brought so much joy to our lives. Your smile melts my heart and I'm completely in love you with. I wish I could keep you little forever, but I know you must grow. But now matter how old you get you will always be my baby.

Happy 11 months my precious Kinsley. Mommy (and Daddy and Kayla and Kyleigh) love you very much.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The middle child.

This post is kinda random. I have nothing that I really want to say except this:

Kyleigh, if you are reading this years from now...I know I haven't written about you a lot lately. It's mainly been of your big sister and her going to school. And how Kinsley is growing up. I don't want you to have the "middle child syndrome" I've heard all about. I want you to know you are special too.

You have a very special place in my heart. It's buried deep into it's roots. You took away a pain I never thought would disappear. You make me smile and laugh when I want to scream. You are my saving grace.

You say the funniest things. And you are way too smart. The smartest 2 year old I've ever met, and I've worked in daycare so I've met a lot of 2 year olds. You can count to 20. You can name shapes and colors. And you can even write the letter "e" and "b." You don't forget anything. And you don't get side tracked. You can fall asleep wherever, whenever and you sleep through anything. (Between me and you, you're the best sleeper. And the best listener.) I know as the middle child you sometimes don't get as much attention as your other sisters, but that's just because you never do anything wrong, well almost never. ;)

I love you funny girl. Always remember that.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Dear Kayla,

Well, today is the big day. You are going to kindergarten. I have already put you on the bus and you have been there for little over an hour. I hope you are enjoying your day so far.

I hope you are not scared. I hope you are making friends. I hope you have fun and learn new things. But most of all I hope you know that I am thinking of you. Every second of today. You are on my mind.

Today as you got on the bus you had a big grin on your beautiful face. It went from ear to ear. You are ready. I am not. I'm not ready to let go of your hand just yet, but I know I have to. But if you ever get scared or need to hold my hand for a second it'll be right here waiting for you.

I love you sweet girl. This is the beginning of a new journey...for both of us.


Now onto the picture overload of the first day of kindergarten.


Friday, August 10, 2012


I'm a little sad. Because today my sweet baby girl turns 9 months. Which would mean there are only 3 months until her birthday. And usually I would start planning. I started looking at ideas and then all I wanted to do was cry. (And maybe a few tears were shed.) So, I stopped. And for right now the birthday plans aren't going to happen. Because for right now..I refuse to acknowledge her one year birthday is right around the corner.

I love you more than I did yesterday.
You still are the sweetest thing I know.

I wish you knew just how happy you make me.
Your smile lights up my world.

Your laugh is like music.
And when you lay your head on my's heaven.

Happy 9 months baby girl.

Monday, April 16, 2012

birthday girl.

Right now I'm sitting on the couch writing this and you are laying next to me with your blanket, sucking your thumb. Your little feet are criss-crossed over each other and your golden blond curls are covering your face. I watch your back move up and down as you breathe deeply in your sleep. And I think back to how I watched you sleep when you were a newborn. Your little chest would move up and down and you would hum with the rhythm of your chest. Sigh...

Two years. Two years ago isn't very long. I still remember the details of that day as if it were yesterday. The day you entered our lives and made it better. The day a new life was born. A baby sister was born. And little did we know that day that in a short 18 months you would become a big sister. I dreamed about you for a year and a half, but even in my dreams you weren't this perfect.

Your big blue eyes. Your golden blond hair with just the right amount of curl to it. Your chubby little feet. And your sweetness. Your hugs. You give hugs with feeling. You say words in such a way that we can already feel how much you love us. You adore your baby sister and have never been unkind to her. And your big sister? Well, you two have a special bond and you want to do the things she does, but yet you want to march to your own drum too. You are the goofy sister. The one I can count on to make me laugh when I want to scream. You are the snuggler. The mellow one. The daddy's girl.

I woke up this morning, prepared to celebrate your special day. Because in this house we do birthdays big. Mama celebrates birthdays like noone's business. I walked into your room with my video camera in hand. Saying happy birthday and you gave your sister a hug. We got her ready and took her to school. As the director of the preschool got Kayla out of the car she mentioned how you were getting so big, how Kinsley is getting big and it hit me. I drove away in tears. Because at that moment I realized how big you three really are. Afterall, we are registering Kayla for kindergarten on thursday and we are celebrating your 2nd birthday. And being the sweet person you are, you knew mama needed extra hugs and snuggles...and you sure did deliver today. Thank you for that. You really are my sweet girl.

I can't wait to celebrate with family and friends on Sunday. To celebrate you turning two. To celebrate you. And I can't wait to see your face on that farm, feeding those animals...riding a pony. It will be a day to remember.

Sweet dreams babygirl. And happy birthday. Mama loves you more than you'll ever know.

******better photos on my next post. I got a new computer and still need to get all my photo stuff onto it. And I got instagram! so if you're on it follow me so I can follow back. :) find me @m_giraldo10.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

3:10 pm

Four months ago at 3:10 pm I gave birth to a perfect baby girl.


Today you are four months old. You are still as perfect as the day you were born. You are 12 pounds 12 ounces (50%) and 23 inches long (25%.) You have chubby little cheeks. Your eyes are the perfect shade of blue. Everytime I think they can't get any blue-r, they do. You like to be held so you can look out at the world infront of you, and when I hold you, you have to hold onto my hands.

I love our mornings together. When it's just you and me and everyone is sleeping. The house is quiet and the sun is shining. Waking up to you and our time together is the best way I could start my day. Lately though, I've been waking up before you. Just watching you sleep. Because you my dear have been sleeping for 12 hours straight every night. 8 pm to 8 am. But when you do wake up? You eat, and eat, and eat. And most of the time you are eating your hands.

Kayla is the first one who made you laugh. You love watching your sisters play and you want to sit up to see what they are doing. You try so hard when I hold you to pull your body forward so you are sitting. But you still have plenty time before you are able to do that. You are not rolling over yet, you haven't even attempted to. But that's ok. Your sister Kyleigh sat up before rolling over, and I have a feeling you will do the same.

You give everyone you see a smile now, but you save the biggest ones for me. (Thank you for that.) You have completed our (not so little anymore) family. You came in and you fit right in. It's like you've always been here. You hardly cry and you are very patient with being in your carseat. Mommy feels guilty because sometimes I think you have to be in it too much, but you don't seem to mind. You just sleep the time away.

You have become one of my most favorite things.

I love you,


Saturday, February 11, 2012

our beautiful girl

I remember the day you entered this world. I still remember holding you for the first time. I held you the closest I could to my heart, your breathing mimicking my heart beat. You were only a few minutes old but I already loved you with every ounce of me.

Your hair was jet black. It laid perfectly on your little head. Your eyes were blue like the sky on a sunny day. Your little body laid on mine. I stared at you, in awe. You were beautiful. Your mouth slowly moved into a smile and showed a dimple. You had that new baby smell that I hope I never forget. I breathed you all in....and fell deeply inlove with the tinest little person.

Now your five. Your jet black hair has turned blonde and your eyes are green. You still have that dimple. It's the same dimple that I see in your sisters, and when I see it I'm reminded of you. You love art and anything girly. You are shy and outgoing. You are caring and loving. You always find the good in everyone you meet and if you love someone, they are truly blessed. Because you love with your whole heart and take your friendships seriously.

Kayla, your the first one who showed me what it's like to have my heart beating outside of me. I love you to the moon and back and I want you to know I'm very proud of you...and a few other things before you grow up.

1. Since you turned five I have watched you grow a little too fast. I know in the world we live in today, it will try to make you grow up fast. But please believe me. You have plenty of time to be a grown up. So, please enjoy your childhood as long as you can. You will miss it when you're older.

2. Always be yourself. I've watched you want to wear something because a friend wears it, which is ok. Just please don't lose yourself. You are you. And perfect just the way you are.

3. Don't ever pretend to be something you're not for someone. A true friend (or boyfriend) will like you just the way you are. You do not need big boobs or a certain name brand shirt or a certain car for someone to like you. A true friend will like you the way you are. Read #2.

4. Friends are invaluable. Some will come and go and some will stay with you for a life time.

5. Always be the kind of friend you want would. Be honest. Be loyal. Be truthful.

6. You do not need to have sex with any guy for him to like you. They will try to tell you that if you love them you will have sex with them. Please believe me when I say they only love you if they stay with you when you don't have sex with them.

7. Don't ever loose your love for God. I love that you love Him so much. I love that you call Him your friend. Please don't ever loose that.

8. Travel the world. There are so many beautiful places to see. This world has so many things to offer. It is beautiful.

9. Don't let trends define you. Read # 2.

10. Continue being a great  big sister. Be their friend. Be their protector. Be there for them. They need you, and one day when you are older you will need them. Friends may come and go but sisters are forever.

11. Love with your whole heart.

12. Laugh. Laugh loudly. Laugh alot. Laugh at yourself.

13. Listen to your mom and dad. I know you don't think we don't know what we are talking about, but just like I realized my parents knew'll realize one day we do too and you'll wish you had listen to us. So, please take our advice. Everything we do, we do because we love you.

14. Do well in school. Go to college, travel the world. Read #8.

15. Being smart never goes out of style. It will take you down a wonderful, successful road.

16. Find a wonderful man who loves you for you. Get married. Have children. Those children will be your greatest blessings. But only do this after you have completed #14.

17. Don't be afraid to speak your mind. Stand up for yourself and others...and for what you think is right. Because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. (That saying is so true. I wish I'd realized it I'm telling you now.)

18. Take pictures. Lots of pictures. Don't ever throw them out, no matter who is in them. You will cherish them one day and be glad you have them.

19. Don't let anyone tell you can't do something. You can do whatever your heart desires. Whether it's dance or soccer or singing. You. can. do. it.

20. No matter what you do in life mommy and daddy will always love you. And you can always come home.

We love you, our beautiful girl.


Thursday, January 12, 2012


I have realized that lately, sometimes, I've been putting my needs before my girls needs. And it's not fair. I can see the hurt in their eyes when I say, "just a minute" and that minute never comes. So, here it is. My promise to them. And I promise to keep it.

Kayla. I promise when you want to show me the numbers you have written that I will stop whatever I am doing and I will look. I will tell you how proud I am of you. Because I am proud. Of you. Of everything you have accomplished. Of everything you are becoming. You are beautiful and smart. And I love you to no end.

Kyleigh. I promise when you come over and hug my leg oh so tight that I will stop. I will bend down, even when I'm holding your baby sister, and I will hug you back. I will not stand there and hold Kinsley and wait for it to be over because I need to feed her or change her diaper. I will stop for you. Because you my dear are as important as your sisters. And I know I've forced you to give up your baby-hood. To grow up a little. To play more independently. And you haven't complained. Not one bit.

Kinsley. I promise to hold you more. I promise to cherish every time you wake up at night and need to be held. Because I know one day you will sleep through the night. And I will miss those nights of snuggling.

To my girls. I promise to hold all of you more. To hug you more. To play with you more. I promise to give you all a childhood that you can look back on and say our mom was there, she cared and she loved us and we know this because she showed us. I promise to always have time. For each. one. of. you. To give you my best, because you three deserve nothing less.


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