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Thursday, June 13, 2013

so very proud

The past 4 years Anthony has been going to school Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6pm to 9pm to get his journeyman's card. And he is finally done!! I'm not sure who is more or him. I think it's me. Monday night was his graduation. It was at a hotel in Richmond, The Omni. So we kinda had a date. We didn't have the girls but we were surrounded by other people at our table. But I'll take what I can get. Especially since we haven't been on a date since Kinsley was born and this is our third date in.....five years. I'm so proud of that man of mine.

There's another person in our family that I'm oh so proud of. This girl right here.

Her last day of kindergarten is tomorrow! What??? I can't believe in a little over 24 hours I will have a first grader.

I'm ready for her to be home for the summer, because even though she will drive me crazy I feel extremely guilty doing all these summer things with Kyleigh and Kinsley while she's at school.

ps. don't give your 19 month old (ahhh, how the heck is she 19 months already!?!?) a green popsicle  she'll turn into a little leprechaun. 


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