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Friday, March 2, 2012

Old friends & 70's photos. Friday Favorites.

It's that time of week again. It's friday. And even though I stay home and don't go to work, I'm still ecstatic like the rest of the world when I see friday. It's the only day during the week I don't have to rush in the morning and wake children up to get Kayla to school by 9:30. It's the last day I know my husband will be working during the day. And those two days with him home are coming. And I love that.

friday favorite things | finding joy

I've had so many favorites this week.
Where do I even start??

Time with friends.
I reunited with an old friend. We hadn't spoke in a year.
We've known each other since 6th grade.
We lived in the same neighborhood. We had sleepovers. We cried over boys.
We chased boys together. Now she has two boys and I have three girls.
Her oldest Josh is almost to the day a year older than Kayla.
And those two are inlove with each other. Seriously.
And our two youngest? Well, Kinsley is a month and a half older and
I think they love each other already.

I finally did it.
I really started trying to get my photography thing going.
Read more about that here.
And if it goes no where but I get to take some great pictures
then I'll consider it an success.

My sweet baby's little facial expressions.
Can you believe Kinsley is almost 4 months? Yeah, me either.
Her little personality is growing everyday.
And she always has a different facial expression
and I can't get enough of any of them.

My van.
We recently bought a van. And I love it.
It's much better than my 4 door car and three carseats crammed in a backseat.
I have room. The girls have room. And here's the only picture I have of it.

An app for my phone. picplz.
Ok, so maybe I shouldn't list this as a favorite.
But I wanted an iphone just for instagram but my husband talked me out of it.
Then I found picplz, which is just like instagram but for andriod!
And here are some pictures I've taken in the last week.

I have a thing for the 70's filter. I wish I grew up during the 70's. Seriously.

Happy Friday friends!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolution & Friends & Mommy of Two!

Orginally I wasn't going to make a new years resolution. I never keep them...but something happened yesterday that made think. There is one thing I need to change, and not just because it's a new year but because it'll make me happier. My "new years resolution" is:


Now I know that doesn't sound right so let me explain. Yesterday I called a friend when I needed that friend most. No answer. No text. Nothing. But yet, this person can make an appearance on facebook. I'm the type of person who is always there, you call I'm there...and I even have two kids to care for. So, this is where my new years resolution comes in. Not to care so much. Not to drop everything for a phone call. For a text. Not to always be there. Because yesterday I realized noone will be there for me, noone will catch me if I fall, noone will be there to pick up the pieces. Noone that is..but me.

Change of subject.

Another thing I would like to change is spending more time with both my girls. How can I need to change that if I'm with them everyday? Here's how. The past (almost) 9 months has been a huge adjustment for me, and also Kayla. Adding Kyleigh to our lives was a huge wonderful change. I had to adjust to being a mother of two (which included 2 times of locking us out of the house and once out of the 90 degree weather!) and Kayla had to adjust to not being the only one. To sometimes me needing to meet Kyleigh's needs first. I spent many days spending time with just one of them then swapping and spending time with the other, but not both together. I'm not sure if it's because I finally figured out how to balance my time with both of them or if it's because Kayla finally understands that sometimes I need to do something for Kyleigh first. Or if it's because Kyleigh is older...or maybe a little of all three but spending time with both of them together has became a lot easier. Lately I find myself on floor with both my girls...laughing and playing, with BOTH of them. I plan to make sure that each of them have plenty of memories of the three of us together, laughing, playing dress-up and talking about everything and anything from here on out!


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