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Friday, August 24, 2012

summers leaving.

summer is coming to an end.

we officially have just one week left.
and lately i've just been talking about how i dread kayla going off to school,
but not in this post. that post will be saved for her first day of kindergarten
*gasp.* time has gone by so so fast.

this post is about my favorite things that happen when a new school year begins.

new routines.
crisp notebooks that are waiting to be filled.
perfectly sharpened pencils.
boxes of unbroken crayons.
sturdy book bags that aren't worn out.
new clothes that aren't wrinkled.
shoes that aren't scuffed and have laces that aren't unraveling.
these are just a few of my favorite things.

when all three are in school it's going to get expensive.
heck, it's already expensive with just one.

i know kayla is ready for school.
everyday she asks where we are going.
and lord help me if i say no where.
this girl likes to be on the go.

while kyleigh likes to be home.
after we've been out for a little while she always says,
mama i wanna go home.


the days are going to be long for kyleigh.
no big sister to play with all day.
things will be quiet.
but quiet can be good.
at least that's what i'll tell myself.

they are gonna miss their big sister.
i'm gonna miss her.

somehow this post got all of topic.
so before i get all sentimental about school i'm going to end this. now.

happy friday my friends.

friday favorite things | finding joy

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday favorites via instagram

Now that driod has instagram, and I've downloaded it and been using it like crazy. So, here are my favorite pictures from this week via instagram.

friday favorite things | finding joy

Kyleigh got a bike for her birthday. So naturally she needed a helmet. She got two.
Although this one is a little bit too big for her right now.

Nothing like $1 target bin sunglasses to make my girls happy.

Kayla has been very into puzzles lately.
Like, she'll do one and then break it apart and do it again.
Over and over and over.
She finished this 100 piece one all by herself over two days of doing it here and there.
So proud.

This is what Kyleigh does everytime we go to pick up Kayla.
She naps and then 40 minutes later when we're back home she's up
and ready to go.

But that's not the only place she falls asleep.
She's my only child who will pass out anywhere and everywhere.
Like....under coffee tables.

My sweet baby, Kinsley, is getting so big.
She can sit in a tripod position by herself for a little while now.

I think this is my favorite sleeping picture to date of her.

And just because instagram and my phone are the only
way I'll ever get in pictures, here's one for ya'.

if you're on instagram follow me @m_giraldo10. I would love to follow back. :)
And happy friday all! hope your weekend is full of your favorite things.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Favorite things; phone photos.

Just a little fyi: I have tried to comment on numerous blogs and I keep getting an error. As soon as it's fixed I promise to comment. :)

friday favorite things | finding joy

Waking up to this smiling face every single day.

This gorgeous girl and all the funny things she says.

See all those pictures on the wall behind her? There's alot more on that wall. I call it my "happy wall." Whenever I look at all those pictures I can't help but smile.

Pediatricians who can always fit me in and I never have to wait. Who answer my messages within 2 hours of calling. And who actually get on the phone when I call for the second time in one day.

This lotion that I bought for $5.99 and I actually got it on sale for buy one get one free. It healed Kinsley's legs when prescriptions and other lotions wouldn't.

These little piggies. I can't wait to see them again in 3 short weeks when we have Kyleigh's 2nd birthday party.

And these little piggies.

Icecream. Because sometimes it always makes being out and about....and waiting, easier when it's needed.

Happy Friday Friends! Hope your weekend is full of your favorite things!


Friday, March 9, 2012

Favorite things Friday- Picture style.

friday favorite things | finding joy

Favorite things Friday...all in pictures.

this picture of kinsley.
this one of kyleigh.
and this one of kayla.
this one of my nephew.
we found a farm to have kyleigh's birthday party.
and on the way back home i shot these photos really quick.

the country has the same sky and sun we do. we're only about 45 minutes away.
but why doesn't ours look as beautiful? sigh..

and a picture of the two newest members of our family; kinsley and her new cousin.

i love how they wrapped their arms around each other. so sweet.

Happy Friday friends!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Old friends & 70's photos. Friday Favorites.

It's that time of week again. It's friday. And even though I stay home and don't go to work, I'm still ecstatic like the rest of the world when I see friday. It's the only day during the week I don't have to rush in the morning and wake children up to get Kayla to school by 9:30. It's the last day I know my husband will be working during the day. And those two days with him home are coming. And I love that.

friday favorite things | finding joy

I've had so many favorites this week.
Where do I even start??

Time with friends.
I reunited with an old friend. We hadn't spoke in a year.
We've known each other since 6th grade.
We lived in the same neighborhood. We had sleepovers. We cried over boys.
We chased boys together. Now she has two boys and I have three girls.
Her oldest Josh is almost to the day a year older than Kayla.
And those two are inlove with each other. Seriously.
And our two youngest? Well, Kinsley is a month and a half older and
I think they love each other already.

I finally did it.
I really started trying to get my photography thing going.
Read more about that here.
And if it goes no where but I get to take some great pictures
then I'll consider it an success.

My sweet baby's little facial expressions.
Can you believe Kinsley is almost 4 months? Yeah, me either.
Her little personality is growing everyday.
And she always has a different facial expression
and I can't get enough of any of them.

My van.
We recently bought a van. And I love it.
It's much better than my 4 door car and three carseats crammed in a backseat.
I have room. The girls have room. And here's the only picture I have of it.

An app for my phone. picplz.
Ok, so maybe I shouldn't list this as a favorite.
But I wanted an iphone just for instagram but my husband talked me out of it.
Then I found picplz, which is just like instagram but for andriod!
And here are some pictures I've taken in the last week.

I have a thing for the 70's filter. I wish I grew up during the 70's. Seriously.

Happy Friday friends!


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