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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March weather in VA

Sunday in Virginia.

Monday in Virginia.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

right now.

Right now I can hear the humming sound of the baby monitor. I can hear the cutest little snores coming from my sweet baby. These are the only snores I can sleep through, the only ones that can lull me to sleep. That sweet sleeping baby turns two on Sunday.

Right now she still has so many characteristics of being a baby. Her rolls on her wrists. Dimples on her chubby little knuckles. Her face, oh thank god she still has that chubby baby face that I love so much. Her laugh is the perfect baby laugh. And when she gets out of the bathtub she still have that sweet fresh baby smell that I fell in love with many years ago. She still waddles when she walks and it's even cuter when she runs. But she's also turning into a little toddler. She knows what she wants. When her sisters cry she runs up to them and says in the cutest, tiniest voice, "what's wrong?" When you ask her a question and she doesn't know she says, "um um.." That's my favorite. And when she sees something she really likes she makes the biggest gasping sound. She says thank you and she gives the tightest wrap around your neck type of hugs where her face is squished up against hers and you can feel her breathing and hear her grinding her teeth because she's making the biggest smile she possibly can. And while I'm sad the baby stage is slowly ending and that it will never make an appearance in this house again I'm loving right now more than I ever could have imagined.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

just the two of us

For the first time in her life Kinsley is finally getting one on one time with me. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we drop Kyleigh off at preschool and just the two of us go home. And it's not until now that I realize how much attention she craves from me. She always sits as close to me as possible, as in...any closer and she would be in my lap. And I also realize how much her sisters entertain her. If we go out she doesn't know what to do with herself. She stays with me and holds my hand. She won't go and play with anyone else. But for now I'm enjoying all the time she wants to spend with just me.

Friday, June 7, 2013

mcdonalds for breakfast, a brownie for snack.

This morning when my alarm went off at 7:15 am I hit dismiss instead of snooze. I've been doing that a lot the past 2 weeks. I rolled over and went back to sleep. When I woke up I felt like I had been asleep forever. It was only 7:37. I laid in bed, checked facebook and instagram. I waited until 8:10 before I even moved. That's when Kayla finally woke up. It was 8:25 when she asked what was for breakfast...and that's when I realized the only thing we have for breakfast that she will eat is pancakes and not the frozen kind either. And I don't have enough time to make them. So I tell her to hurry and get shoes and socks I'm getting her McDonald's. I throw a brownie in her book bag for snack. Yeah, you read that right...a brownie. And I realize we didn't do last night's homework because I haven't been checking her folder. I grab her clipboard and a pencil and we run out the the pouring rain.

For the record this whole school year she hasn't missed a day. (Well, one when she got a tooth pulled but that was it!) We haven't missed the bus...not even once. And today, even though I dropped her off at school, we could've made the bus but she wouldn't have had time to eat. I thought eating was more important than catching the bus.

I'm so ready for next Friday when school will be out. Ready for the late nights, the sleeping-in, the not having to wake Kyleigh and Kinsley up Monday through Friday. (Can you believe even after 9 months of school I still have to wake them up every. single. day??) I'm done with checking folders and making healthy snacks. I'm ready for the pool and changing outfits 3 times a day. Not being on a schedule....and then 2 weeks after all of that I'll be ready for school to start again. The cycle never ends...

Now onto some photos from our life lately.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

memorial day weekend

On Friday I was anxiously waiting for 4pm. Anthony would be home from work and he wouldn't have to go back until today. If you don't know already Anthony works all. the time. He does this so I can stay home. He is only home on Sundays so him not working for 3 days was pretty exciting. But when he got home he had to leave and he was pretty much busy all weekend. He had a backyard to tend to, a van that needed a changed belt and just other little random stuff that has been put off for weeks due to him working so much. So even though he had 3 days off we hardly saw him. Insert me making a super sad face right here.

So the girls and I did what we usually do. We just hanged. We played outside. We went to a birthday party. We went to their grandpa's for a little bit. And that was our memorial day weekend. It was only in the 70's so no water play or pools. But I'm looking forward to this week and the warm weather that will be here.

Thank you to everyone who has and is serving our country.

A few photos from our weekend.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kayla's in a commercial!! (and life lately)

A couple of months ago Kayla did a taping for a commercial. It's a short little commercial to thank police officers for keeping our schools safe. It will air soon on a local channel here in Richmond, VA. But I'm so excited, and so is Kayla. I mean, how many kids can say they are on tv??

(WUPV-CW Richmond)

We haven't been up to much lately. Just hanging out, seeing friends here and there, attending one of my friends wedding. We've been staying home mostly. I kinda feel like I'm at a stand still. Just waiting for Kayla to finish her first year of school in a couple of weeks. How that is even possible is beyond me. I'm going to have a first grader! 

You know how when you have a baby people tell you time goes by so fast? Well, when they go to school it goes by even faster.

Here are some pics of our life lately. Some big camera ones but mostly phone ones. Hope you all have a great week and hopefully I'll be back with something more interesting to say soon.

Love this photo of Kinsley on the trampoline. It was taken on my phone but it's getting printed, big.

We had some visitors!

And this one is very into bugs lately. And mama doesn't like it but I'm trying to.

I'm hoping the caterpillar lasts in his cocoon, she is super excited about him changing into a butterfly.

And one last one.


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