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Friday, October 12, 2012

Engineer prints

I know this tutorial has been done a million times, a million different ways. But I'm going to do a tutorial anyway. :)

When I first saw this idea on pinterest I fell in love  I love pictures. And the bigger the better. But I also like to change my pictures in my house....a lot, as in I change every picture every least once. So canvases are a little too expensive for me. So I set out to do an engineer print. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out and I wasn't sure of the quality but I was pleasantly surprised. I made my first one over the summer with a picture of my three girls. It hangs above our television  I love looking at it. So, when I switched the girls room and painted them I was left with a clean white slate. And no idea what to hang on the walls. I wanted something big over Kyleigh's bed but I have a serious fear of something falling onto a sleeping person at night. Then I took a picture of her that I fell in love with and knew just what to do: an engineer print.

Allllllll of that background just to give you the tutorial. haha.

What you need:

A black and white photo. 
(You can only do this in black and white so I suggest changing it before you upload it to staples.)
An engineer print: they come in 3 sizes. I did 24x36: $3.59 @ staples
White foam board from the dollar store: $1
Tape: already had
Hot glue gun: already had
Yarn/Twine/String: already had

Total: About $5

I uploaded my photo onto staples website and picked it up the next day. I got my white foam board and tape and was all ready to go.

I literally taped my picture around the foam board like a present. Nothing fancy, super easy.

Then I hot glued a piece of yarn on the back so that I could hang it on the wall. 

Ta-da. You are done. :) Now go hang it on the wall and smile everytime you look at it.

Look at that quality!! For $3.59!

Now to finally hang the rest of the stuff on her wall...


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