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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

elf on a shelf.

Elf on a shelf. Some people think it's creepy. And I totally get it. A little elf that watches you all day is creepy. And I was actually worried that Kayla may think so. I was afraid I'd have to break the number one rule and touch him and put him somewhere else. But so far? She loves him. She talks about him. She talks to him. She looks for him. And the best part? The behavior thing is working. But the real test will be this weekend.

Kyleigh on the other hand could care less about him. She's not really old enough to understand I guess. Although she does find it funny to find him in odd places. Like this morning when she was sitting at the kitchen table and saw him in the glass. She gasped. But that's as far as it goes for her. Once she sees him she forgets about him.

My only problem so far? Trying to find places that Kyleigh and Kinsley can't reach him. I've seen a lot of ideas on pinterest but most of them are on the floor or somewhere Kyleigh could reach. So I'm trying to use ideas I've seen or get creative. But it's only day two and I still have plenty of ideas in my head. But give me another 2 weeks and I'll probably be fresh out of ideas.

I didn't buy our elf from the store. I actually have 3 of these little guys from my grandma. I think the other two are planning to visit their friend Ralphie one night. ;)

Anyone else do elf on the shelf? When do you bring him/her out? What things has your elf gotten into?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What's been going on.

This will be a very random, all over the place kinda blog post. Oh, and it looks long but it's just a lot of big pictures. :)

What's been going on in our house? Well, I'll tell ya.

I never posted about Kayla's birthday because right after it was Thanksgiving. For her birthday (and Kinsley's) I didn't have a party. We just celebrated it the whole weekend as a family.

We had grandparents over for presents.
She wanted to go to Chuck e cheese so we did.
We went to Texas Roadhouse for her birthday dinner and she rode on the saddle.
Then we went to Grandpa's and had ice cream cake and presents again.

It was a weekend all about her and what she wanted to do. No request was too big.

I took her to her 6 year check up yesterday. She's 3 ft 10 in (60%) and 40.3 lbs (10%.) Skinny mini. We arrived at the doctors healthy, but woke up this morning sick. We all have colds. Hopefully they'll pass soon.


Friday we decorated the tree and I decorated the rest of the house. My husband refused to put lights up outside this year. He learned in school that lights outside are the NUMBER ONE thing to start fires and burn your house down. (Why did I have to marry an electrician?? They are no fun this time of year.) I may have thrown a tantrum. Ok, I did. But then he let me go buy battery operated candles for the windows and wreaths. So it worked out for me in the end because I like to do any kind of shopping.

Kinsley has learned a new trick. Put your arms up and jump up and down and mommy will pick you up. She does it all. day. long. Seriously. She also only has 2 more weeks in our room. My mom comes next Friday and after she leaves Kinsley's getting kicked out of our room by my husband and going into her (and Kyleigh's) room. Thank God Kyleigh is an amazing sleeper. She also has been determined to get just one Christmas ornament. No matter where I move it she tries to get it.

I took some newborn pictures for my friend on Saturday. So, if you're a photographer you can just skip these next few images. :)

I still haven't gotten the background to look exactly how I would like on that last image but I'm so proud of myself. Look at that pose! And don't worry. It's two photos put together. The mama is holding the baby the whole time. See...

I've been pinterest-ing it up.

That's the key to our first house together. :)

Last but not least. Elf on a shelf has came to visit us for the first time. His name is Ralphie. I'm hoping he'll make the girls not fight as much and make them listen. At least for the month of December.

So, that's been our life the past week and a half. What have you been up to??

Oh, and one last thing. Does anyone want to come potty train my 2 year old in 2 weeks?? Please?? Anyone??


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