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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My sunshine.

When I painted the girls rooms and switched them, each room got a chalkboard wall. And even though you only needed to wait 3 days to draw on them, I didn't buy chalk for a whole week and a half. Yesterday we finally used those walls. I wrote little quotes on them. (don't mind my  handwriting. I found out that most people use chalkboard markers. So I need to go get some.)

I did wipe them off and re-write stuff. It comes off easy and they still look great. I love them. And I'm so glad I decided to do them. The girls love coloring on them already.

On Kayla's I wrote, "You are my sunshine." She asked what it said and when I told her she said, "I'm your sunshine mommy? Not Kyleigh?" She said it with a smile on her face and her voice was higher than normal. And even though all three are my sunshine I told her yes. "Yes Kayla. You are my sunshine." Because at that moment I  knew she needed to hear it. As the big sister she usually gets in trouble more. Talked to more. Told no more. And she needed to feel special at that moment, and for the rest of the night I knew that one little sentence meant so much to her.

So, it made me think and realize that I need to say these little things more often. These little things mean so much to them. And it only takes a second to say them. So this morning while Kayla is at school I wrote her a little message for her to see when she gets home. It only took a minute to write but I know it'll mean so much to her. It is the little things that matter most, isn't it?


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