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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Enjoying the small and big things.

The last few months my blogging has gone downhill. I don't feel the urge to blog as much. I've actually thought about making it private, and only inviting people who want to read it. Anyway. On to a post about our beach trip that I meant to write last week but Kinsley hasn't let me. She hasn't been herself lately. Not eating. Throwing up. If she is still throwing up on Wednesday we go for some gi testing.

The girls and I went to Corolla Beach for a week and met my mom there. It was a fun week, but it also had it moments where I wished my husband was with us. Like when we had to climb really steep stairs to get to the beach and I had three kids. 2 who I had to carry down the stairs. We had chairs, strollers, beach toys, blankets, coolers and tents. But those moments only lasted a few minutes. Because then this happened and we forgot about those stairs. Until we would pack up and we had to leave.

When my mom and I get together we start just where we left off. We stay up way too late because we want to spend as much time together as we can. And we laugh until we cry and almost pee our pants. No lie.

Each girl and I had so many little moments. Where it would just be me and one of them. Kyleigh and I went in the ocean. We jumped waves. I swung her around. I would pick her up and she would look at me with this huge grin and say, "this is fun mommy." Yes, yes it was. In that moment I knew where I was suppose to be. And it was right there. Standing in the huge ocean with my girl and enjoying her. Enjoying the small (and big) things in life.

Kayla and I went on a date. We got our toes and nails painted and while we sat there I just stared at her in awe. In awe of how big she is getting. Watching her face smile. She was happy. And in that moment I knew she was were she was suppose to be. She was enjoying this one on one time with her mama. Even if we hardly talked. She was soaking it all in. And that made my heart sing.

And Kinsley? Well, her newness to the world still has a magic effect on me. The way she puts her hands up to my face, forehead against mine and smiles melts my heart. No matter where I am. Beach or home.

Now the rest of our trip in a video. **I don't know why the video messes up. On my computer it doesn't. I tried uploading it again, and on blogger, youtube and vimeo. Still messes up. Sigh...


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