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Monday, July 15, 2013

20 months and 4th of July

Last week Kinsley turned 20 months. And while everyone else is writing posts about their toddler counting or knowing shapes and colors....well, I'm writing a post about my baby being just that, a baby. One who says...

where's the dada
ju (for juice)
where's the baba

and every now and then you'll hear her babbling and it actually sounds like something. She understands everything you say to her. She comes up to you and pulls her shirt up and tries to rip her diaper off to let you know it needs to be changed. She goes to her crib when she's ready for bed. She wrestles with her sisters and she's always the one on top, knocking them down. And for now I'm enjoying her still being a baby. (I can't believe in less than 4 months she will be two! And that Kayla will be seven!! Whaaaaattt??? That's just crazy.)

We're getting ready this week for our big two week trip to Florida. We leave Saturday. We're driving to the Washington, DC airport which is 2 hours away and the girls and I are flying non-stop to Florida. Wish me luck! And pray that the girls behave and I can keep Kinsley occupied for 2 hours and 24 minutes.

Some photos of our 4th of July.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Almost 19 months.

Kinsley turns 19 months on the 10th but I'm just now writing her 18 month post. But that's ok. Technically I have 4 more days to finish it.

Oh, Kinsley. Daughter # 3. The baby in the family. Birth order really does define who you are. And there is no way I could ever add a 4th baby into this mix...not that I want to, but Kinsley definitely has the personality of "the baby in the family."

She's a climber. A get into everything baby. Leave the bathroom door open? Oh, you can guarantee she is in there with the toothbrush in her mouth and a hand in the toilet. 

A lover of sleep but not in the way of Kyleigh. She won't fall asleep anywhere, only in her carseat and crib. But don't wake her. She's grumpy. If you must wake her try to make a lot of noise. Don't rub her back to do it. 

She's funny. She's a mean mugger. But sometimes she tries to mean mug you and her eyes give her smile underneath away. She's determined. She loves being on the go. (Wonder where she gets that from?? **cough Kayla cough**) And she always, always, gets what she wants.

She's a runner. A waddler. (And apparently that's a word because google didn't put a red line underneath it.) She still has a baby face. And she still is bowlegged. She's my chunky monkey. Only 31 inches tall (25%) and 26.14 pounds (75%.) But 110% cute!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

kinsley girl

Oh Kinsley. My sweet girl. I know I'm a little ok, a lot biased, but I think she is the cutest thing ever.

I mean, how could you look at that face and not love her? You'd have to be cray cray.

I never did a 17 month post on April 10th. I guess that's because there is nothing new about 17 months. She's been walking. Talking. Sitting. Climbing. Eating. Sleeping. Pooping. Yeah, I said it. All these things have been going on for awhile so no need to be redundant.

The only thing that has become more apparent as time goes on is not only is she my mini me looks wise but personality wise. The only thing she got for her daddy is her love for cleaning.

The other day I was cleaning the living room. She picked up Kayla's shoes, brought them to the closet. She can't open doors so I opened it for her and she put the shoes in Kayla's shoe basket. She also picks up little pieces of paper on the floor and puts it in the trash can. But all the weird quirks? Like how I gasp and scare everyone to death when something happens...she does. She also does this weird "rah rah rah" thing but you can blame that on me because I do it back...although I didn't in this video because I didn't want to look crazy. But I guess since I admitted to it that was kinda pointless. hmm, anyway.

She did learn how to sing happy birthday which sounds like hap-a-dab-ba. It's the. cutest. thing. ever. Seriously. I tried to get a video of it. You can ignore my singing.

She brings so much joy to me everyday. At every age I keep saying, "this is the best stage yet" but this one? Right now?? Best Kinsley stage by far.

Flowers are tasty, dontcha know?

I can't imagine our lives without her. I'm so glad God knew our little family wasn't complete and brought us the best surprise ever. Now I can finally say without a doubt in my mind our little family of five is complete.

And yes you can see my little clicker, lol but I still love this photo!

Happy Wednesday y'all! (I never say y'all, or dontcha' know. I guess I'm just in a weird let's use every accent(??) you can think of mood. Or maybe I just need adults to talk to...yeah, I think that's it.)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

letters to my daughters | kinsley (15 months)

i love you much
most beautiful darling
more than anyone on earth
and i like you better
than everything in the sky.

-ee cummings

my littlest love,

i watch the way your eyes light up when they meet mine in the morning. a grin starts to appear on your face. your eyes squint like the sun is shining in them. i can hardly make out those sparkling blue eyes of yours. you cover your face with your blanket. laughing. kicking your feet. the only light in the room is from the sun. it's as if your reason for existing is only for me. only to bring me happiness. i feel a little selfish saying that but there's something you do to me that no one else does and i haven't quite figured it out yet.

you started giving kisses awhile ago but you would only give us one every so often. lately you give them away all the time. you lean your head into mine. you put your little nose up against my nose and your lips touch my face. you stay there for a second. sometimes you make a kissing sound. it melts my heart.

the joy you bring to me can not be described in words. your smile is infectious. and each day i fall more deeply in love with you. with all that you are and all that you do. my greatest wish for you is that one day you know a love like the love i have for you.

i love you my sweet sweet girl.

**all about you and your 15 month old little self:

you have an ear infection right now, even though we got tubes. we're hoping it goes away with some steroids.

you have a total of 12 teeth that i know of for sure. you may have some in the back on the top coming in but you won't let me look.

you still waddle when you walk. :)

you wear a size five, extra wide shoe.

you call for mama when you are sad or need something.

you are forming a bond with your grandpa.

you love your daddy (but not as much as your mama.)

you love to follow your sisters around. you hardly ever sit and play with your toys. you are usually busy following them around.

you love to color (and eat the colored pencils.)

you still love veggies. and mac and cheese. and chicken. and rice.

you love all juice, well at least all of the different kinds we have given you.

you are slowly outgrowing your 12 month clothes.

you still sleep in mommy and daddy's room. in your crib. you still wake up once a night, around 12:40.

you sleep from 8 pm to 8:20 am.

you take a three hour nap.

you love taking baths. and you especially love it when either one of your sisters join you.

you still hate getting dressed. and you don't really care for your shoes.

you love to dance. to any kind of music. when music comes on you stop whatever you are doing and dance. i love looking in the rear view mirror in the van and watching your little head move to the music.

you wave hi and bye all the time now.

you give high-fives.

you still love to play peek-a-boo.

you love your blankets. they go where you go.

if you are tired you will go to your crib and stand there.

i don't know how much you weigh or how tall you are just yet. we'll find out on the 19th. but i'm guessing you weigh around 23 pounds.

happy 15 months kinsley. feel free to slow down. :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

12 + 2

Today Kinsley is 12 + 2 months. Alright. She's 14 months. I wrote it. I'm not happy about it. She's only a few months away from being a year and a half which  means two years is right around the corner. Dramatic? Yeah. But that's who I am. A tad bit dramatic. Now that we got that out of the way....

A little 14 month update. Nothing is new. She's still an eater. And when she's hungry she clicks her tongue. I guess that's how you would describe it? I'm still her favorite. She still is the cutest thing ever, if you ask me. The only new this is she is walking. ALL. THE. TIME. She never crawls unless she's trying to get to her sisters really quick but still even then she mostly walks.

Her favorite things?

-VEGGIES. ALL VEGGIES. Any kinda food though really, especially if her big sisters are eating it but she loves her veggies the most. She will also knock down Kyleigh or push Kayla (since she's too big to be knocked down) just to get their food.

-She's a lover of blankets. Just like her sisters.

-Everyone else's toys but hers.

-Her mama.

-Putting any and everything in her mouth.

-Being upside down.

-Bath time


-Being locked out of the bathroom when her sisters are in there.

-Being rocked to sleep...or in general.

-Her mama leaving without her. I've been told she will cry at the front door until I come back. Daddy tries to make her happy but he can't. Needless to say I hardly go anywhere without her...unless she's sleeping.

-People touching her ears.

And that's about all there is to know about Kinsley. I could have just wrote that she's a happy girl when she's well and she loves her mama. The end. haha. ;)

Happy 14 months precious girl. I love you.

She's a climber. Thank goodness for husbands that work in construction and have the tools to anchor that bookshelf to our fireplace.

I go change her sheets really quick, come back and find her doing this. Think she was hungry? That's what happens when you forget the fridge lock. (And yes that's a bucket of KFC she got out of the fridge.)

Thursday, December 13, 2012


On Monday Kinsley turned 13 months. I actually didn't even realize it was the 10th until about 4 pm that day. Kinsley woke up with a 103.5 fever on Friday and I immediately made an appointment with her doctor. He checked her. Nothing. Her ears were fine. She sounded fine. So we went on our not so merry way since she wasn't too happy. We picked up my mom from the airport. And over the weekend she still had a fever. So on Monday at 4 pm I took her to kidmed (a patient first for kids) and was told she had a double ear infection. And it was serious. So we got her antibiotic and went on our not so merry way. Kinsley was still not happy. Tuesday she got a rash. It looked just like the one Kyleigh had at 15 months. The one no one could tell me about that covered her head to toe. That looked terrible. That scared us for days. The one that led us to our doctor now who told us after a week and 2 doctor visits and an er visit that she was allergic to penicillin. But luckily since I'd seen it before I knew what it was and it didn't get too bad. So we changed her antibiotic and she's fine now. Although we are going to the ent on Friday. She's getting tubes. She's had about 9 ear infections since February. 9 too many if you ask me.

But onto her 13 month update.

She's still 22 pounds. She is starting to wean herself off the bottle. She doesn't really want it during the day. She is an eater. Like seriously. She doesn't mess around when it comes to food. And she eats any and everything. She is trying so hard to walk. She hardly crawls anymore, cruising around the house using furniture or the walls. And I'm happy to still report I'm her favorite person. :) And that's about it. Everything else is the same.

I probably won't be back until Tuesday when my mom leaves. So until then...have a great week blog friends!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My dearest Kinsley,

I've been dreading this day. You are now 11 months old, which means that the next letter I write to you will be for your first birthday. They say once you have children time flies by and it does. I know this because both of your sisters have grown up way too fast. And you? Well, this year (11 months) has gone by faster than ever.

This month you have grown so much. You started it not knowing how to crawl to crawling backwards to now fully crawling. You made your way out of the living room for the first time last night. And now that you figured out you can explore the rest of the house...well, you're all over the place. You also started pulling up right after you learned how to crawl.

I can tell already that you and Kyleigh are going to get into a lot of trouble together. It's already starting. The two of you get into stuff, look at each other and then smile and laugh. I think it's cute...for now. ;) You put everything in your mouth and I literally mean everything. You find stuff I can barely even see. I'm still your favorite person, although you are getting better about Daddy holding you. You are finally sleeping in your crib, although since you've been in there you haven't slept through the night. But you are getting better each night. Your hair is still crazy and I love it. I thought the other day is was starting to lay down but I was wrong. It'll be a sad day for this mama when your hair no longer sticks up. You hate headbands and hats. You have eight teeth. And you are completely on table food and take a few bottles through out the day. You don't like apple juice but we found out you do love mango juice.

You have yet to go a full month without going to the doctor. This month you've had bronchitis and another ear infection. But even with all of that you still remain a happy baby.

You love your sisters and they love you just as much. You have brought so much joy to our lives. Your smile melts my heart and I'm completely in love you with. I wish I could keep you little forever, but I know you must grow. But now matter how old you get you will always be my baby.

Happy 11 months my precious Kinsley. Mommy (and Daddy and Kayla and Kyleigh) love you very much.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

double digits.

Yesterday, 9/10/12, Miss Kinsley Grace turned 10 months. She is now in the double digits. *gasp*

There have been quite a few changes since last month. She now has a total of three bottom teeth and her top four teeth are all poking through! She had thrush thanks to her antibiotic for yet another ear infection. That girl can't make it through one month without one of those. One more and we're off to the ENT for tubes. But even through allllll of that she is still the sweetest and happiest babygirl I know.

And incase you missed my last blog post as of Saturday Kinsley has been crawling, backwards that is! She's trying so hard to go forward though. This girl definitely takes her time and honestly? I'm 110% a-oh-kay with that.

Happy 10 months sweet girl. We love you.

Friday, August 10, 2012


I'm a little sad. Because today my sweet baby girl turns 9 months. Which would mean there are only 3 months until her birthday. And usually I would start planning. I started looking at ideas and then all I wanted to do was cry. (And maybe a few tears were shed.) So, I stopped. And for right now the birthday plans aren't going to happen. Because for right now..I refuse to acknowledge her one year birthday is right around the corner.

I love you more than I did yesterday.
You still are the sweetest thing I know.

I wish you knew just how happy you make me.
Your smile lights up my world.

Your laugh is like music.
And when you lay your head on my's heaven.

Happy 9 months baby girl.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Kinsley turned 8 months yesterday. 
She's not doing anything new.
Well, except one thing.
She sleeps in her crib now...sometimes.

Kinsley, You're not trying to crawl.
And you're definitely not trying to pull up.
But that's ok by me. Really. It is. You're our last one.
So by all means babygirl don't grow up too fast.
Stay little as long as you want. Mommy doesn't mind.

Happy 8 months sweet girl. Your smile is contagious.
You brighten up my world. You love your mama
and your mama loves you back more than you'll ever know.

Monday, June 11, 2012


I haven't blogged in awhile due to Kinsley having hand, foot and mouth PLUS an ear infection. (She's better now.) Then we went to Corolla, NC last week. But I'm saving that for another post.

Yesterday Miss Kinsley turned 7 months. What?? Didn't I just have her? 
Where have the past 7 months gone? They flew by.

There's not much to talk about since she turned 6 months.
She still isn't sitting up by herself for long periods of time.
She still sleeps from about 8 pm to 7 am.
She has only rolled over once to show me that she can do it.
She would much rather practice trying to sit up.

The only new thing??
She has 2 bottom teeth poking through!
With 4 more trying to poke through too.

Although you can't see them in pictures yet.
This gummy smile will soon be gone. Sigh...

Happy 7 months my precious girl.



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