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Monday, April 29, 2013

my birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm 27 years old. I guess I should write something profound. Or write about how much I've grown and changed in the last year. But I'd rather share these photos.

I love these photos. They are goofy and silly and not frame worthy (or are they?? lol) but it's me and my girls having fun, on a normal day, in our normal clothes. It's how we are most days.

We didn't do much for my birthday. Had dinner at my dad's. We ate cake. Opened presents. Just hung out. But I was together with my girls and my husband. (A rare sight) My husband made us breakfast and even cleaned the dishes and kitchen afterwards. I hardly had to do any of the disciplining and I was even told to go out shopping alone while I had the chance. So it was good day.

Sometimes the days that aren't planned, the days where you do nothing special in particular, are the best days.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

our friday night

It's finally warm here in Virginia which means more a lot more time outside. Last night the girls and I ate dinner outside and played in the backyard from 5:30pm until the sun went down (which equals to 8pm.) The girls were worn out. And so was this mama.

Friday, April 5, 2013

our week in way too many photos

**This post is kinda long but mostly because it's filled with lots of pictures. Sorry! That's your warning. :)

Our week has been kinda busy since last friday. So I'm just going to do this 11th grade english outline style.

1. Last Friday Kyleigh, Kinsley and I went to Kayla's school for her spotlight lunch. She was given an award for showing commitment, confidence and and being courteous  Let me just say...this mama right here is so very proud of her.

Kyleigh was a little worn out after that lunch. She came home and passed out, in her jacket and all.

This photo was taken 3 hours after the previous one.

2. Saturday we went and picked up my mom from the airport. You wouldn't know she was here based on pictures because she refuses to be in them. I try and tell her it won't matter in 10 years what she looked like in them, the girls will just be glad they have those photos but she isn't buying it yet. We didn't do much that day. We just dyed some more eggs that night and played games.

Kyleigh played her first board game that night. Pizza Party. Anyone remember it?? It's super easy. It says ages 4 to 8 but Kyleigh learned how to play it in no time.

3.  Monday we went to the Metro Richmond Zoo. Kinsley absolutely loved feeding the giraffes  She got upset when she wasn't feeding them and then got upset when we had no more food to give them. 

Thank you Kinsley for always grabbing my camera when I'm trying to take a photo. It makes for lovely blurry photos. haha. ;)

4. The Children's Museum has become our favorite place. We have gone twice in one week and are going to become members. Because $30 each time we go is a little too expensive for this mama.

5. My mom and I took Kayla and Kyleigh to the movies to see The Croods in 3d. Super cute movie and super fun to see in 3d. It was Kyleigh's first time going to the movies. She sat in my lap the whole time since she didn't like how the seats would try to fold up on her everytime she moved. I didn't get the photos I wanted but I got these two.

One of them standing in front of the Monsters University cardboard cutout.

And one of them in the photobooth after the movies. Kayla's lip had an allergic reaction the the popcorn I'm guessing. Luckily it went down an hour after getting home.

6. Kayla is still a Justin Bieber fan. She said he sings better than Justin Timberlake. (She has no idea what she is talking about! haha.) She got her first of many I'm sure posters this week.

And apparently she can make me look super skinny in photos. :D haha.

7. Kinsley's new thing is to play with baby dolls. I love watching her try to feed her babies.

And that my friends is it. There's our week minus me getting food poisoning and needing an iv. If you made it this far thanks for reading. :)

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!!


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