Thursday, February 27, 2014

Free Morning Routine Printables

Thank you for all of your kind and insightful comments and emails on Dear mom of an ADHD child. I had no idea it would get the response it did! I nodded in agreement with so many of your comments. None of us are alone in this journey and I think talking openly about ADHD is the first step. We need to raise awareness and not just for our children but for ourselves and others.

I had a lot people ask what we do for discipline. The truth is we are still trying to figure that out completely but we have made so much progress in the last year.

Our daughter Kayla was first diagnosed right before her 5th birthday. She is now 7. We had tried everything from time-out to yelling to ignoring her behavior to taking things away to behavior charts. Nothing seemed to work. I researched and researched and found out that a reward system was what works best for children with ADHD. When I read that I felt like I was out of options. We tried a reward system before and it didn't work. But what I later found out in behavioral therapy was that I was doing it wrong.

She needed charts and instant gratification. We needed to set the house rules and only focus on three that we really could not and would not put up with. Coming up with those three were easy. Inside voices. No hitting. And use your walking feet. I found out that when I said no running that to her that meant she could skip and jump as long as she wasn't running. So we changed our no running to use walking feet.

After establishing the house rules one of the first things I did was search for a free morning chart since mornings are the most challenging part of our day. But the one thing I could not find was one that said anything about taking medicine. And taking medicine is a huge struggle. So I made my own. and I wanted to share it with all of you! I also made ones for parents who don't need the medicine option and blank ones so you can fill it in with whatever works for your family. :) You can laminate it or put it in a sheet protector and have your child use a dry erase marker to check off each thing as they complete them. After Kayla completes her she gets a star on her reward chart for the day. The charts aren't fancy, but simple and to the point is what works best for us! Click on the image to save them to your computer or pin it for later!

Here's to hoping they work for you and you don't have to repeat, "brush your teeth!" a 101 times.

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