Tuesday, September 10, 2013

to my sweet girl

My dearest Kyleigh,

It's been awhile since mommy has written a letter to you. What better day to choose then today? The day you went to preschool.

Last week we went and met your teachers. We saw your new classroom. You met your new friends. I watched you from a distance. You stood there, watching everyone. To the outside world you looked stand off-ish but mommy knows you. I know you like your space. You were just warming up. I then watched you play in the kitchen area for alittle while but that didn't last long. Because kitchens and play food and baby dolls aren't your thing. You finally found blocks and play screwdrivers and hammers. You pulled them from the bookshelf and sat in a little corner on the floor. You didn't talk to any of the kids. You didn't even really interact with them. You talked to your teacher here and there but mostly you were just content playing in that corner until it was time to go.

Today daddy and I dropped you off at school for the first time. This is the only time you've been without one of us. Mommy has only left you for a couple of hours here or there to go shopping. As you got out of the car you told the director, "I'm going to miss mommy and daddy." We're going to miss you too babygirl. We told you we loved you and would see you soon. You took a teacher's hand and slowly walked into the building glancing back and waving a little nervous wave at us. I watched another part of my heart walk away. I could tell you were nervous, maybe even a little scared. But here's what I hope happened when you got to your classroom.

I hope you were greeted with a warm smile. I hope you were excited to see your teacher. I hope you are playing with the other children, making friends and laughing. 

I know you like your space and to be alone and that is perfectly ok. And I hope you continue to play by yourself and do the things you like to do, even if no one else is doing them. But I also hope you let others in and make friends. I hope you run around with another little girl on the playground. I hope you make pinky promises. And play ring around the rosie. And sing. And dance. 

But most of all? I hope you don't miss us too much. I hope you're too busy having fun to think about us. And don't worry, when you're done having fun we'll be there, outside, waiting to pick our sweet, funny girl up.

I love you to the moon and back my sweet girl.

Love always,

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