Saturday, September 7, 2013

First grade.

This past Tuesday Kayla went back to school. I can't believe how fast kindergarten went and now here we are in first grade. Her kindergarten teacher use to be a first grade teacher and this year she moved back to first grade. So Kayla has the same teacher and friends in her class. She wasn't nervous. She was excited.

This year is a lot different than last. We know what to expect. We've gone the whole day apart. I know she'll find her way to her classroom with no problem. It was easy to drop her off. But even though we've done this before, each day when I drop her off she still turns around and gives me that sweet, shy smile and waves goodbye.

She wanted to bring her teacher flowers. She carefully picked them out at the store, making sure none of the flowers were dying, that they were all blooming and big and pretty. Then she tucked in a note that said, "I love you. Love Kayla."

I hope this year is as good to her as last year was.

And because comparisons are always fun (or a little sad because you see how much they've grown.)


  1. That is so awesome she gets the same teacher! And I love love love her shirt. What a little sweetheart she is bringing her teacher flowers. How thoughtful!

  2. She is simply the sweetest, hippest, prettiest, coolest girl around! :)



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