Sunday, February 10, 2013

letters to my daughters | kinsley (15 months)

i love you much
most beautiful darling
more than anyone on earth
and i like you better
than everything in the sky.

-ee cummings

my littlest love,

i watch the way your eyes light up when they meet mine in the morning. a grin starts to appear on your face. your eyes squint like the sun is shining in them. i can hardly make out those sparkling blue eyes of yours. you cover your face with your blanket. laughing. kicking your feet. the only light in the room is from the sun. it's as if your reason for existing is only for me. only to bring me happiness. i feel a little selfish saying that but there's something you do to me that no one else does and i haven't quite figured it out yet.

you started giving kisses awhile ago but you would only give us one every so often. lately you give them away all the time. you lean your head into mine. you put your little nose up against my nose and your lips touch my face. you stay there for a second. sometimes you make a kissing sound. it melts my heart.

the joy you bring to me can not be described in words. your smile is infectious. and each day i fall more deeply in love with you. with all that you are and all that you do. my greatest wish for you is that one day you know a love like the love i have for you.

i love you my sweet sweet girl.

**all about you and your 15 month old little self:

you have an ear infection right now, even though we got tubes. we're hoping it goes away with some steroids.

you have a total of 12 teeth that i know of for sure. you may have some in the back on the top coming in but you won't let me look.

you still waddle when you walk. :)

you wear a size five, extra wide shoe.

you call for mama when you are sad or need something.

you are forming a bond with your grandpa.

you love your daddy (but not as much as your mama.)

you love to follow your sisters around. you hardly ever sit and play with your toys. you are usually busy following them around.

you love to color (and eat the colored pencils.)

you still love veggies. and mac and cheese. and chicken. and rice.

you love all juice, well at least all of the different kinds we have given you.

you are slowly outgrowing your 12 month clothes.

you still sleep in mommy and daddy's room. in your crib. you still wake up once a night, around 12:40.

you sleep from 8 pm to 8:20 am.

you take a three hour nap.

you love taking baths. and you especially love it when either one of your sisters join you.

you still hate getting dressed. and you don't really care for your shoes.

you love to dance. to any kind of music. when music comes on you stop whatever you are doing and dance. i love looking in the rear view mirror in the van and watching your little head move to the music.

you wave hi and bye all the time now.

you give high-fives.

you still love to play peek-a-boo.

you love your blankets. they go where you go.

if you are tired you will go to your crib and stand there.

i don't know how much you weigh or how tall you are just yet. we'll find out on the 19th. but i'm guessing you weigh around 23 pounds.

happy 15 months kinsley. feel free to slow down. :)



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