Thursday, January 31, 2013

kayla week.

I've been pretty busy this week. And I don't mean to toot my own horn but I feel like a damn good mom right now. But I also feel like a crappy friend. But sometimes in life we have to chose to either be one or the other. And my girls deserve my undivided attention and that's exactly what they got this week. Most importantly? I feel closer to Kayla than I have in a long time. It's not that we weren't close to begin with but since she's the oldest I usually meet her needs last. I tell her to wait a minute more than I should. But since everything we did this week was for her she hardly got told to hang on a minute.

I just went ahead and declared this week Kayla week. It started off on Sunday. Kinsley and Kyleigh were napping so just the two of us ran off to get her hair cut. Something I've been putting off since November. I've only been getting trims for her since she was 3 but it was time to cut off a decent amount and get her hair healthy. I think we cut about 3 or 4 (maybe 4 or 5?) inches.

Monday we both had eye appointments. She's never had an eye exam and I haven't had one since I was in elementary school. I dropped Kyleigh off at my dad's and we went with Kinsley. And we both ended up needing glasses. I only need them to watch tv, for the computer, driving, etc. She needs them all the time. Her eyes are a little worse than mine but we both have the exact some problems with each of our eyes. Crazy, right? (I guess not. She is my daughter, lol.)

After that I took all three girls and we went to every place in sight that you can get glasses only to find out they don't take our insurance. Even though our eye doctor has glasses I wanted to shop around and check prices. Tuesday Kayla had a dentist appointment. I was going to pick her up at 1 pm from school but picked her up at 11 am so we could go back to the eye doctor and pick out our glasses. Kinsley and Kyleigh both fell asleep in the car after we left so we got McDonald's, she played on her tablet and we waited in the car until her dentist appointment.

I'm happy to report that she has no cavities!! Although she does need a back baby tooth pulled due to the way it came in and the way her 6 year molars came in. And she officially has her first loose tooth. (I'm not ready for the whole losing baby teeth stage. I think all kids look awkward when that happens. But I'm guessing I won't think that with Kayla since she's mine.) She did really well at the dentist. She said she wants to be one when she grows up so they offered her to come back and look around the office and see what they do for a couple of hours. Total 180 from last year. I went through 3 dentists before I found one that she would let clean her teeth!!!

Anyway. That's been our week so far. I picked up our glasses yesterday while she was at school. So of course I had to do a little mini session with her this morning.

Isn't she just the prettiest little girl in glasses, ever???

And some instagram photos from our week.

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  1. Her glasses are adorable! Well, she's adorable in her glasses :)



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