Sunday, November 18, 2012

six. an old letter. and a trip down baby kayla memory lane.

Dearest Kayla,

Today you are six. This post is for you. Today is all about you. And as an older sister of two you deserve one day a year to be all about you and nothing else. A day of no getting in trouble. A day of you picking the movies you want to watch. A day where I don't make you compromise with Kyleigh. (Although a lot of days are like this, you just don't believe it.)

This year you hit a big milestone: you started school. You've now been a kindergartner for two and a half months. We received your first report card on Friday. You are doing so well. But I didn't expect anything less. Your teacher said you are eager to learn. You make friends easily. And you enjoy school. I hope those three things stay with you forever.

These past two and a half months have flown by faster than any other months in your life. And sometimes I feel like before I know it you'll be twelve and then eighteen and then moving out. And most times I can't believe how much you are growing up and becoming a big kid. I can tell my little girl is slowly slipping away by your taste of music and shows. The toys you want to play with. The way you talk. And the way you want to dress. But in other ways you still are very much the little girl I know. You still want your blankets at night; soft side up. You still want mommy to tuck you in. And you still want to hold my hand at times. But no matter how big you get or how much you hate to admit it you will always be my baby, my first baby. And I am so proud of the little young lady you are becoming.

You've been talking a lot about kids in your class. Kids who say they have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Boys who say a little girl named *Jessica is prettier than you. And while I've never seen Jessica I can assure you that you are prettier than her. And that it doesn't matter if *Matthew thinks Jessica is prettier than you. Because one day you will meet a Matthew of your own and he will think you are the most beautiful thing to grace this earth. I hope when you come to me about these things I have said the right thing to you. I hope I make you feel beautiful because your daddy and mommy think you are. And we think you are smart. And kind. And funny. And sweet. And an amazing person. But please try not to worry about these things. You are only six. Your only job right now is to go to school. Clean your room. Be nice to your sisters. Play with barbies. And to get a lot of sand in your shoes.

I just hope you don't grow up too quickly. I'm in no rush so please feel free to take as long as you want.

I love you my beautiful girl. Happy 6th birthday!

I love this letter I wrote to Kayla.

A trip down memory lane through photos:

A few of Kayla's favorite things at age six:
Justin Bieber
Monster High
Cotton Candy
Bell peppers
Anything art related
Computer games
Shoes that make noise while shewalk

*names of children have been changed.


  1. Happy birthday sweet Kayla! She is so beautiful, smart and such a good big sister. She's stolen my heart too. I love all these photos. So nice seeing pictures of her as a baby. :)

    1. Aww. Thanks Sean! Can't wait till the next time we see you all.

  2. Happy belated birthday to your sweet girly! She is a gorgeous girl!
    nancy-of the crazy 9

  3. Aw, I loved seeing the older pictures of her since I haven't seen any of when she was wee little. Every kid deserves to have a day where they get to call the shots, I'm sure she enjoyed her day! She's such a beautiful little girl, and that little cheek dimple is killer ;) Wish she could know my L hehe!



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