Wednesday, November 28, 2012

elf on a shelf.

Elf on a shelf. Some people think it's creepy. And I totally get it. A little elf that watches you all day is creepy. And I was actually worried that Kayla may think so. I was afraid I'd have to break the number one rule and touch him and put him somewhere else. But so far? She loves him. She talks about him. She talks to him. She looks for him. And the best part? The behavior thing is working. But the real test will be this weekend.

Kyleigh on the other hand could care less about him. She's not really old enough to understand I guess. Although she does find it funny to find him in odd places. Like this morning when she was sitting at the kitchen table and saw him in the glass. She gasped. But that's as far as it goes for her. Once she sees him she forgets about him.

My only problem so far? Trying to find places that Kyleigh and Kinsley can't reach him. I've seen a lot of ideas on pinterest but most of them are on the floor or somewhere Kyleigh could reach. So I'm trying to use ideas I've seen or get creative. But it's only day two and I still have plenty of ideas in my head. But give me another 2 weeks and I'll probably be fresh out of ideas.

I didn't buy our elf from the store. I actually have 3 of these little guys from my grandma. I think the other two are planning to visit their friend Ralphie one night. ;)

Anyone else do elf on the shelf? When do you bring him/her out? What things has your elf gotten into?


  1. We don't yet since Tay is obviously too young, but I will look forward to it as she gets older.

    Pinterest has tons of ideas for your sneaky little elf too.

  2. Last line of this blog got me thinking... "Anyone else do elf on the shelf? When do you bring him/her out?" There def. needs to be a female elf on a shelf! duh!!! So far your ideas are adorable! my friend did her elf in oatmeal on the counter, he was making "oatmeal angels" and i thought it was cute.

    Amanda C.

  3. I love this and I think the boys would really get into it but I don't have the doll, I'll have to start looking for next year :)

  4. That elf is pretty damn creepy, but cute nonetheless. And if it promotes good behavior I'm all for it. I love the little guy hiding in the cup, that is so adorable. And I like the persons comment about it making oatmeal angels, that's cute!

  5. i still need to learn about the elf on the shelf, but i love him under the glasses so cute



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