Friday, August 24, 2012

summers leaving.

summer is coming to an end.

we officially have just one week left.
and lately i've just been talking about how i dread kayla going off to school,
but not in this post. that post will be saved for her first day of kindergarten
*gasp.* time has gone by so so fast.

this post is about my favorite things that happen when a new school year begins.

new routines.
crisp notebooks that are waiting to be filled.
perfectly sharpened pencils.
boxes of unbroken crayons.
sturdy book bags that aren't worn out.
new clothes that aren't wrinkled.
shoes that aren't scuffed and have laces that aren't unraveling.
these are just a few of my favorite things.

when all three are in school it's going to get expensive.
heck, it's already expensive with just one.

i know kayla is ready for school.
everyday she asks where we are going.
and lord help me if i say no where.
this girl likes to be on the go.

while kyleigh likes to be home.
after we've been out for a little while she always says,
mama i wanna go home.


the days are going to be long for kyleigh.
no big sister to play with all day.
things will be quiet.
but quiet can be good.
at least that's what i'll tell myself.

they are gonna miss their big sister.
i'm gonna miss her.

somehow this post got all of topic.
so before i get all sentimental about school i'm going to end this. now.

happy friday my friends.

friday favorite things | finding joy


  1. Cute closing picture! Amanda

  2. WOW! These photos are so awesome! I know it's gonna be tough, but I think Kayla will do really well and like school a lot.

  3. Ohhh your girls are stunning!! Savor every moment, because time has a way of zooming by without our consent!!

    Have a blessed weekend! Stopping by from Finding Joy's Blog Hop.


  4. I so love that last picture. You are such a talent Megan! Your girls are of course adorable, I know I say that a lot but you know its true ;)



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