Thursday, March 1, 2012

I did it.

I finally did it. I finally did what everyone has been telling me to do but I was scared to do. I made a facebook page and a website for my photography. For the last year and a half I've been learning my camera more than I already did and building my portfolio. And I figured with the weather getting nicer it was time to take the plunge. Time to see where this would go. So, I made a page and nervously shared it.

I'm anxious to see where this goes and I'm excited to see what happens. I'm ready to meet new clients and capture moments in their lives that they will never forget. I love what I do and I plan on being relaxed and fun and a little care-free about it. Because I want my passion to show through my pictures. I want to be able to have exciting sessions and make my clients enjoy it....and what I want more than anything? I want their emotions to show through in my pictures.

So go check out my facebook page, even if you don't live in Virginia. Look around and like it. And if you do live in Virginia share it with your friends. Thank you friends!


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