Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Was A Bully Once.

Bullying:  the act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do something.

Today, the news is full of stories about bullying. Kids who are bullied so much, for so long that they feel the only way to end it is to commit suicide. Kids who are bullied because of how they dress. Who they talk to. Who the don't talk to. How much money they have. How much they don't have. Who they like. What they like. What they look like. Because they are gay.

I remember being in school, being the person who was bullying people, and then being the person who was bullied. I remember being with my friends, bullying someone. Yelling at them, chasing them at school, harrassing them. Then, I remember it being turned around on me and all of the sudden I was the outcast and the one being bullied. I remember sitting at my computer, back when everyone used AOL and IM's popping up with harsh words followed by name calling. Some of these names I can't even bring myself to repeat as an adult because it still hurts too much.

I remember being in middle school. Walking home with my friends. I called a girl a bitch, she slapped me. I remember a girl telling my crush that I liked him; going to her house and banging on her door, telling her to open up, that she was a bitch. (We became friends, and are still friends to this day actually.)

Am I ashamed of this? You bet. There is one good thing that came out of this. I know how it feels to be bullied and being the person who bullys. I can tell my daughters why they shouldn't do it. That bullying doesn't make you feel any better. That being the person who bullys actually makes you the weaker person. And I plan on doing this. Because I want my daughters to be strong. To not be weak. To not become a person who bullys others. To be strong enough to stand up for themselves. For others. Because I don't want to become a mother of a child who commited suicide because the bullying was too much for them.

So, I am taking the pledge. I will not be a bully. In life or online. I am going to make this world better two daughters at a time. I am going to make sure my daughters aren't bulliers. And I hope that other moms join me in taking the pledge. Let's make this world a better place. Let's lead by example and stop bullying each other as moms. I know we can do it. So, I ask...Will you Take the Pledge?

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  1. Of course I will take the pledge! Thank you for your very honest and timely post. I think most of us can remember a time when we too were the agressor not just the victim. I believe education is the key, ignorance is the weapon. Thanks again, have a wonderful and safe trip with your girls!

  2. Absolutely, I have seen what bullying can do and I'm right there with you. I also have wrote about bullying if you want to check it out. Thank you.

  3. What a great post! I am now following from Mom Bloggers Club. I can relate to your post.

  4. I love your post. I took the pledge also. I love your blog header so cute.

  5. Nice blog! Too cute with your two little cuties! I'm following from MBC :-) Nice to meet you! Come visit me at



  6. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
    Have a nice day!

  7. I always like to read your posts. You deal with such timely and important issues for women. I would like to award you with the Stylish blogger Award. If you would like to accept just let me know! Thanks!



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